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Caitlin Croke Fries '03: Yoga & Nutrition Expert

A certified yoga instructor with a degree in psychology, Caitlin Croke Fries ’03 has a passion for bringing spirituality and positive thinking to the forefront for young women.

While attending West Chester University, studying psychology with a focus on body image and eating disorders, Caitlin served as President of Sister to Sister, an organization of sorority women that dedicates themselves to promoting positive body image through a series of seminars. The classes often invited guest speakers who focused on nutrition.

Being the eldest of five children, Caitlin had always known that her belief in God and her passion for helping women cope with emotions would lead her to great things. While earning her Master’s in International Peace at Arcadia University, she interned at the Peace Center of Bucks County, training peer mentors in an anti-bullying program.

Her yoga principles and experience from teaching helped her develop a six-week yoga program called "Fearless She.” The program, which Caitlin hopes to develop in local high schools, consists of a 45-minute yoga practice with a theme that incorporates spirituality, body positivity, teambuilding, and open conversation in a support group setting. The program’s goal is engaging and encouraging young women and strengthening their self-confidence.

Caitlin currently works at Drexel University’s College of Medicine teaching yoga to medical students, and at the Breastfeeding Resource Center in Abington, teaching Mommy & Me yoga classes.

An Inside Glimpse of the Mount

Francesca Diliberto '16 Attends Program in Design at Carnegie Mellon

By Maeve McCormick '18

Carnegie Mellon School of Design is one of the most prestigious industrial design programs in the country, accepting only forty of the nation's brightest students annually. Each summer, Carnegie Mellon runs a pre-college program for high school students interested in a career in design. This summer, senior Francesca Diliberto was among those selected to attend. After receiving the long-awaited acceptance letter, she left to begin the six week-long program. She studied different classes, including drawing, painting, digital photography, animation and sculpture.

During the first three weeks, she majored in Industrial Design, and in Communication Design in the last three weeks.

"Industrial Design was my favorite because that's what I'm going to go into as a career...It was like a combination of sciences and the arts because industrial design is innovating things that already exist to make a better design for better use," Diliberto said.

She added that knowing that she will major in Human Computer Interactions, she gained "a better understanding as to how their mission of innovating the future can actually be applied and how you see it as a student."

Rising Fashion Designer: Maddy Sasso '07

By Amanda Mooney '17 and Kristen Bahr '17

Spending her summers in Avalon, NJ, Maddy Sasso '07 understands the dread of saying goodbye to the shore at the end of the season. This is why her up and coming fashion company, Pinkly Perfect, is designed to incorporate the sensation of summer in its pieces, simulating a carefree lifestyle year-round.

After majoring in fashion design at Marist College, Maddy moved to New York City and began working for Donna Morgan as a design assistant. With her new career and chaotic schedule, Maddy found herself missing the relaxation of the Jersey shore. This longing for the beach sparked an idea for a fashion company: Pinkly Perfect.

Designing out of her New York apartment, Maddy felt her life getting a bit hectic. She admits that starting a company can be overwhelming, but it is worth it.

Her fashion line will launch in spring 2016, and will include beachy sweatshirts, tees, tanks, leggings, shorts, towels and tote bags. Maddy’s ultimate goal is to provide teenage girls with comfortable, affordable clothing that creates the feeling of the beach no matter what time of year it is.

Maddy’s advice for Mounties looking to run their own business is, “do it, absolutely don’t wait. If you want to start your own business, nobody else is going to start it for you. It’s never going to be easier than it is now.”

Find Maddy on her social media sites: @pinklyperfect_inc and

Julianna Kardish '16 Explores Process of Fashion Illustration at SCAD

By Grace Sowa '18

This summer in an effort to hone her talents, Julianna Kardish '16 took a one-week seminar at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Each morning, she would take Fasion Illustration, followed by Digital Photography. At night, students particitpated in "camp activities" like movie night or Carnival night.

When asked why she chose to take the fashion illustration course, Kardish reponded, "I've always been interested in fashion, but I never knew the process behind the whole industry."

The process of designing clothes became something that she got to know very well over the week, as students were required to work with one theme (Kardish's was oceans) to create a set of two to four pieces. She also learned how to draw the pieces on croquis, taking advantage of texture and line.

Throughout the week, she snapped pictures as she explored Savannah and learned how to navigate editing programs to manipulate and adjust her pictures.

Even though it was just one week, the seminar gave Kardish great insight into the college life, especially in an art college.

Kaitlyn Loftus '13 Interns with NASA

By Callie Shinkle '17

Mount Alumna Kaitlyn Lofus recently completed an internship with NASA and the John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (APL). Kaitlyn is currently a junior at Columbia University, where she studies Theoretical Physics, English and Math.

Kaitlyn's internship was with a project that involves a collaboration between NASA and APL and connects physicists with computer programmers. She and her team worked on a project involving data from the Cassini misson to Saturn, mainly working with plasma transport around Saturn. Kaitlyn learned a lot at her internship, saying she "had zero clue [about plasma physics] heading into the summer..." In addition to her research, she also spent a lot of time coding in Python, a high level programming language.

During her intership, she had many experiences and met successful and inspiring scientists such as Bill Nye the Science Guy. Because APL has the mission control for the New Horizions spacecraft, Kailyn was one of the first people to see the first real look at Pluto, a sight she will never forget.

Kait and her work demonstrate that no matter what prior experience you have, with hard work, you can become part of something amazing.

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