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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice & Belonging

Mount Saint Joseph Academy, a college prep school for girls, is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and belonging. Our mission is rooted in the legacy of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and guided by our beliefs as a school community. The Academy is a Catholic college preparatory school for girls, fully committed to “educating founders” and empowering students to be agents of transformation in the face of moral and ethical challenges in an ever-evolving society.

DEIJB Mission Statement

We celebrate the varying perspectives of individuals and respond to one another by choosing love without distinction and serving the dear neighbor.

  • We foster a lifelong commitment to creating a more just and inclusive society, in our students and in the wider community.
  • We condemn racism, homophobia, prejudice, inequity and injustice and bravely disrupt any instances where a sense of belonging is or could be in jeopardy for any member of the community.
  • We strive to create a community that empowers young women to be unifiers who support their peers in all their endeavors, and to live and work so that all people may be united with God and with one another.
  • We aim to develop students who are culturally responsive and empowered critical thinkers by following thoughtfully designed and executed curricula that incorporate a variety of experiences, histories and perspectives.
  • We recognize that creating a community of belonging is an iterative process requiring constant, careful and transformative work, so we can expect to learn from some missteps along the way.

Together with our students, we have identified four Maxims of the Sisters of Saint Joseph that uplift our DEIJB goals and connect and support our DEIJB Mission Statement and the Academy’s larger mission:

  • “Shed old ways that keep you self-centered. Embrace love. Be love.” —Maxim 6

  • “Treat everyone with the same care as if you were meeting God.”—Maxim 49

  • “Avoid like the plague the compulsions of the unaware self.” —Maxim 9

  • “We acquire and maintain union with God through the very perfect love of neighbor, which loves every kind of person purely, constantly, and equally in God and for God.” —Maxim 100

DEIJB Initiatives

Goals as Established in 2021

Information updated October 2023