COVID-19 Information Hub

This page will serve as the primary location for information for the Mount community during state and national efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. During this time, this webpage will be updated with all announcements and communications. Please check this page regularly for the most current information.

Pertinent info, such as schedules, appear at the top of the page. The most recent updates and communications appear below that. Archived information is located below that, in drop-down menus organized by date. Click the arrow to the left of the title to read the full text. There are two sections of drop-down panels: one for the 2020-2021 school year, and one for the 2019-2020 school year.

September 10: important schedule updates

Dear Parents,

We hope that the information below will assist you as you plan for the next two months. This information also appears on the calendar page of the school website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the administration.

The Mount Administrative Team

Virtual Office Hours

Teachers hold virtual office hours from 1:00-3:00. Office Hours will take place on the following schedule:Block 1: 1:00-1:30
Block 2: 1:30-2:00
Block 3: 2:00-2:30
Block 4: 2:30-3:00

Morning Schedule for September and October Flex Days

Students will report to school by 8:15am and be dismissed at or before 12pm.

September 11: Purple A (make-up day from Monday Sept. 7)

September 17: Virtual Back to School Night

Our Virtual Back to School Night will be held on Thursday, September 17th! Parents will be able to view videos created by their daughters' teachers to learn about classroom policies and expectations.

In order to view the Back to School Night videos, parents will need to access their daughters' Canvas pages by creating Parent Observer Accounts. Detailed instructions on how to create these accounts have been sent via email. If you need help setting up a Parent Observer account in Canvas, please contact Mrs. Herne at

September 18: Friday Flex (Seniors ONLY report to school)

  • Student Leadership Council Presentations
  • Athletic Association Presentation
  • Seniors College Guidance Sessions
  • Senior SAT Preadministration Gridding
  • Senior Retreat Leader Training
  • Cyber Assignments
  • Virtual Office Hours

September 23: Wednesday Flex Day (All Freshman Report; Seniors enrolled in School-based SAT report)

  • Senior SATs (dismissal no later than 1pm)
  • Freshman retreat (dismissal at 12, lunch will be provided)

September 25: Purple B Day (Make-up day from Wednesday Sept. 23)

October 2: Friday Flex Day (Sophomores ONLY report to school)

  • Sophomore Activities (dismissal at 11am)
  • Sophomore Honors Convocation
  • Cyber Assignments
  • Cyber Office Hours 1:00-3:00

October 5: School Closed

October 9: Friday Flex Day (Juniors ONLY Report to school)

  • Junior Activities (dismissal at 11am)
  • Cyber Assignments
  • Cyber Office Hours 1:00-3:00

October 14: PSAT DAY. Sophomores and Juniors ONLY report to school. Dismissal at noon. Freshmen and Seniors OFF.

October 16: PSAT DAY: Freshmen Report to school at 8:15. Dismissal at 12. Juniors and Seniors involved in Honors Convocation report from 9-10am.

  • Cyber Assignments
  • Cyber Office Hours

October 23: Marking Day: no cyber assignments given

  • Student Leadership Council Inductions at 10 am (all students involved report to school by 9:30).
  • Dismissal at conclusion of activities.

October 30: Friday Flex Day (Freshmen and Seniors ONLY Report at 8:15)

  • Halloween Activities
  • Dismissal at 10:30
  • Cyber Assignments
  • Cyber Office Hours 1:00-3:00

2020-2021 School Year

2019-2020 School Year