Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Mount Saint Joseph Academy reflects the mission, charism, and tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, empowering students to be agents of unity and reconciliation in the world. Although the philosophy is rooted in the past, the members of the school community remain mindful that they live in the present with minds and hearts set toward the future. Mount Saint Joseph Academy endeavors to create a climate in which all can more easily discern truth, love goodness, seek justice, follow right reason, and pursue a sustainable future which reverences God and all creation.

Students are called to be "the more," to be agents of transformation and to be "founders" in a world broken and longing for unity and reconciliation. The philosophy advances holistic development with an emphasis on global justice and responsibility in an atmosphere that fosters excellence tempered by gentleness and compassion. Mount Saint Joseph Academy remains faithful to "educating founders" and to the belief that "on the education of women largely depends the future of society."

We believe that:

  1. Single-sex learning environments cultivate strong women leaders, independent in mind and spirit, socially responsible, and intellectually and personally courageous
  2. This school community, impelled by Christian values, emboldens young women with compassion, confidence, and competence to found a future committed to justice and peace
  3. Nurturance of a mature prayer life and faith spiritually energizes and enriches the entire community
  4. Gospel values inform the development of individual consciences and strengthen moral and ethical life decisions
  5. Education demands the stimulation of intellectual curiosity and creative problem-solving and the call to global engagement
  6. The desire to respond actively to the needs of the “the dear neighbor” (Sisters of Saint Joseph Documents) empowers each student to assume her responsibilities as a citizen of a global community
  7. Comprehensive, challenging curricula enable each student to realize her fullest potential
  8. Innovative, technologically-rich, as well as traditional instructional strategies maximize the potential academic growth of each student
  9. Gentleness with self and others tempers the drive for excellence.