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The educational philosophy at the Mount is built upon the mission, charism and tradition of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Teachers and students alike are challenged to dream big and journey deep and to always serve the dear neighbor with joy and openness.

Choosing the Mount means distinctive opportunities that empower students to boldly lead. A personalized and dynamic curriculum allows the young women in our care to engage in collaborative STEM learning, participate in college-level courses, serve others while gaining research experience—and much more.

Our curriculum consists of a wide array of core classes that engage students while also affording them the opportunity to pursue their interests more deeply within our college-style block scheduling. The academic program consists of both regular college preparatory and honors or Advanced Placement classes.

More About the Mount's College-style Block Scheduling

  • Our collegiate-inspired block scheduling has become a definitive part of a distinctive Mount education, having operated on this schedule for more than 20 years.

  • Traditionally, a high school student takes eight 40 minute classes every day, all school year. At the Mount, we redistribute that time in order to give our students a comprehensive and engaging education. 

  • Modeling college schedules, the Mount school year is divided into two semesters and classes are held in four 80 minute blocks for each half of the school year.

  • Students take 4-5 subjects per semester for a total of 8-10 subjects per school year. Most AP courses are held in an intensive block on alternating days for the length of the entire school year.

What students say about the Block: 

"The block schedule is so helpful because you're able to check your homework, ask your teacher questions and collaborate with your classmates in ways that help you to delve deeper into subjects. It also helps because you're not reteaching yourself lessons at home — you actually learn a complete lesson in your 80 minute block. I love the block!

-Senior Student


Areas of Study