Academic Support

In addition to seeking help outside of class from teachers, the Mount has several academic support resources.

Student Academic Coach

Ryan Lattanze

Provides assistance and monitors the academic affairs of all students on the coach’s roster as well as detects emotional deterrents to successful academic achievement. Special focus is given to students on conditional acceptance and/or academic probation.

Writing Resources

Joanne Jenkins
Writing Tutor

Provides suggestions and encourages each writer to view their work with a critical eye toward organization, approach, responsiveness, tone, content, vocabulary, and general writing style.

College and scholarship essays, term papers, and other written projects are welcome for review and prompt, candid critique.

"Writing Tutor's Editing Request Forms" are available in the Guidance Office, and Mrs. Jenkins can be located in Room 220 during 3rd block on a daily basis.

Math Tutoring

Math teachers are available daily for math tutoring. These staff members provide additional practice time for students to help them understand math concepts that may be eluding them. They are available during both lunch blocks. Students may sign up for a tutoring session on the bulletin board located outside of the math office.

Montgomery County Intermediate Unit

The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit provides academic assistance on the following days:

Monday – School Counselor

Tuesday – Reading Specialist - Offers support in English, History, and other subjects

Friday – Math Specialist

School Psychologist available on an as needed basis.