Curriculum & Block Scheduling

Choosing the Mount means distinctive opportunities that empower students to boldly lead. A personalized and dynamic curriculum allows the young women in our care to engage in collaborative STEM learning, participate in college-level courses, serve others while gaining research experience—and much more.

View our Program of Study for details on MSJA's course offerings.

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Features of a Mount Curriculum

  • Diocesan Scholars Program: Dual enrollment agreement with local Catholic colleges and universities
  • Women as Founders Seminar Course: A mission-aligned course where students select a research project centered around a social issue of personal significance
  • Integrated math and science curriculum where teachers collaborate to effectively teach the subjects together
  • Principles of Engineering and Design course
  • Print and Broadcast Journalism courses
  • Advanced Placement Program


Our collegiate-inspired block scheduling has become a definitive part of a distinctive Mount education.

Traditionally, a high school student takes eight 40 minute classes every day, all school year. At the Mount, we redistribute that time in order to give our students a comprehensive and engaging education. Modeling college schedules, the Mount holds classes in four 80 minute blocks for half a school year.

The Benefits of Our Block Schedule