Block Scheduling & Course Selection

Block Scheduling

Block scheduling is a way of designing classroom schedules for students. It means that students will have fewer classes per day, but the subjects will be on a rotation. Each class period is 80 minutes long and traditional year long courses last for 16 weeks (September to January or January to June).

Advantages for Students

Improved Quality of Learning

  • Allows students to become fully engaged in the explanation, application and synthesis of the material
  • Integration of strategies
  • Interdisciplinary and seminar opportunities

Increased Opportunities for Active Student Participation in the Learning Process

  • Group projects
  • Use of technology including on-line resources and the Internet
  • Cooperative group experiences

Increased Opportunities to Take More Electives

  • Four years of two languages
  • Fine arts
  • Additional math and science courses

Decreased Stress

  • With fewer courses, fewer teachers to attend to at one time

Rising Freshman Rostering Presentation

Click on the image below to learn about the rostering process for your ninth grade year.

Current Juniors (Rising Seniors) Rostering Presentation

Current Sophomores (Rising Juniors) Rostering Presentation