iPad Information

"On the education of women largely depends the future of society.”

The Mount consistently searches for ways to prepare our students to be 21st century citizens. We desire to prepare our students to be successful in a world that has become digital and global. We desire to do this without surrendering our values and priorities, yet challenging our students to embrace new technologies and learning opportunities.

Our students are being empowered to use technology to explore, create, and innovate. Classrooms are becoming centers of collaboration where students learn to work together to be creative problem solvers. The world is changing at a rapid pace, and so must education.

These are the reasons why our students work on iPads in the classroom. The Mount maintains a powerful wireless network with a high bandwidth that allows our students to work wirelessly simultaneously and seamlessly. We continue to invest in maintaining a strong network that allows our students to work collaboratively.

Acceptable Use Policy

All students and parents/guardians must sign the school-wide Acceptable Use Policy available on the Student and Parent Portals and at the left. All students must sign the Student iPad Pledge which is a separate document from the Acceptable Use Policy that deals directly with the use of the iPad.

Access the Acceptable Use Policy here >>

Educational Apps

Linked here is a current list of required applications. We have set a limit of $100.00 per year, per student, for the purchase of apps. MOST EDUCATIONAL APPS ARE FREE. Once you purchase an app, it is yours. The Mount will put safeguards in place in order to make sure that all departments stay within the established limit. Many of the apps will be used for 4 years.

iPad Keyboards and Covers

Students are free to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard or a cover that contains a keyboard. Each iPad must have a sturdy cover/case to protect it and we encourage parents to make sure that the student’s name is located somewhere on the device.

Purchasing an iPad

Parents are free to purchase the iPad at any retail store or via the web. The Mount has partnered with Springboard Media for those who wish to finance the purchase of the iPad Air. Springboard will offer 0% interest over 12 months. You may call 215.988.7777 and tell them you are purchasing for Mount St. Joseph Academy.

Students may have an iPad Pro, iPad Mini, or an iPad Air. We ask that the iPad have a minimum of 32GB, preferably 64GB, or for the Pro, 128GB. It must have WiFi capability. Parents are free to purchase iPads with 4G (Internet capability via cellular) access, but the student must agree not to use this capability while in school. We cannot provide Internet safety for our Mounties unless they use our WiFi. Parents are encouraged to purchase Apple Care, an insurance program that covers damage. It does not cover theft.

Each iPad must have a cover/case in order to protect it.