Learning Team

Philosophy & Mission

The Learning Team is an integral part of Mount's educational excellence. We are faithful to educating founders and to providing a holistic academic program that embraces learners’ strengths, and helps students and teachers to establish methods that allow Mountie's to learn at their highest levels. Our primary goal is to help students identify paths to success and overcome any potential barriers. The learning team is available to the entire student body.

Our Learning Team consists of our School Psychologist/Team Lead, Dr. Tamara Southerling, Coordinator/Learning Specialist Mr. Collin Doughterty, and STEM Coach Ms. Hannah Farrell. For more information, please reach out to Dr. Southerling at

The Learning Team facilitates growth through collaboration with students, teachers and families on aspects related to each student's educational experience. With the understanding that active engagement in the learning process is fundamental to academic success, the team offers 1:1 and group sessions that provide opportunities for students to develop executive functioning skills, learning strategies and study habits, and math skill development, enabling all students to learn at high levels. Learning-focused advisory programming, peer tutoring, and MCIU resources are additional resources available to students.

The Learning Team

Dr. Tamara Southerling
School Psychologist/Learning Team Lead

Mr. Collin Dougherty
Learning Specialist/Learning Team Coordinator

Ms. Hannah Farrell
STEM Learning Coach

Additional resources are provided through the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. These resources include a School Counselor and a Reading Specialist.