Athletic Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Mount Saint Joseph Academy Athletic Hall of Fame (AHOF) is to honor and perpetuate the memory of former Mount athletes, teams, coaches and benefactors who have brought pride and distinction to the school; to instill and continue the tradition of excellence that has been characteristic of Mount athletes; to link past and current generations of student-athletes; and

to encourage current student-athletes to embrace the many opportunities available to them through teamwork, determination and dedication.

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Our Goals

  • To seek, assess and select the first inductees to the Mount Saint Joseph Academy Athletic Hall ofFame.
  • Establish a Mount Saint Joseph Academy Athletic Hall of Fame that will preserve the rich heritage of Mount athletics.
  • To govern and administer this organization within the guidelines set forth by the AHOF guidelines/criteria.

The AHOF Committee

The AHOF Committee will be members of the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will consist of a maximum of 16 members. Selection committee members should be available at the selection meeting to discuss and vote on potential Athletic Hall of Fame nominees. Nominees must receive 10 votes (majority plus one) to be included in the Hall of Fame.

Membership on the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee will be non-elected and as follows:

  • Athletic Director - Chair
  • President/Principal or another administrator
  • Head Coaches
  • Past or Present Parents
  • Alumnae
  • Faculty Member

After the first year, a member of the Hall of Fame the Athletic Director, President and Principal shall appoint members to the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee. The members will serve two, 2-year terms with the possibility of a 2-year renewal term. No member of the committee will be eligible for induction while serving on the committee.

Criteria for Induction

A worthy candidate shall have:

  • Upheld the mission and beliefs of Mount Saint Joseph Academy.
  • Exhibited good moral and ethical character, as judged by acceptable Mount standards.
  • Demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities.
  • Demonstrated a level of achievement or service that stands out from the ordinary. Achieved honors and recognition that bring credit to the community and to Mount Saint Joseph Academy.

Note: An Inductee may be inducted posthumously.



  • Nominee must be a graduate of Mount Saint Joseph Academy.
  • Nominees into the AHOF shall have graduated 10 or more years ago.
  • Any athlete who has played on at least one varsity team for more than two (2) years while attending Mount Saint Joseph Academy.
  • Moral character, good citizenship, and academic performance during high school and post high school years will be a consideration.


  • Will have coached at least five (5) or more years at Mount Saint Joseph Academy.
  • Three years must elapse after completion of their tenure as a coach at Mount Saint Joseph Academy before consideration is given for selection.
  • Are examples of good character and have upheld the mission and beliefs of Mount Saint Joseph Academy.
  • No member of the committee will be eligible for induction while serving on the selection committee.
  • Record and contributions to their respective sport while coaching at Mount Saint Joseph Academy will be a consideration.


  • Those contributing to Mount athletics in a capacity other than as a coach or athlete.

Nominee Regulations

  • Anyone may submit a completed nomination form to the athletic director for consideration. All nominations will remain on file for future consideration.
  • Those nominees receiving the majority plus one (1) of votes from members of the Hall of Fame Committee will be inducted.
  • An induction candidate’s file will become active when the completed nomination form is received.
  • The Athletic Hall of Fame will have a maximum of five (5) inductees the first year. Every three years thereafter there will be a maximum of three (3) inductees.
  • Letters of recommendation should accompany each nomination, which should be submitted to the AHOF prior to October 31 of each year. Supportive data may also be submitted.
  • The forms are available at Mount Saint Joseph Academy in the Alumnae Office or Athletic Office.
  • Nomination forms may also be submitted via the Internet by completing the electronic form on the Alumnae or Athletic section of the website. Nomination forms will be accepted from June through October. Nominees will be notified in writing by Christmas and the induction will take place in the spring.
  • Nominations, accompanied by resumes and other supporting material, should be mailed to: Mount Saint Joseph Academy

Athletic Hall of Fame

c/o Janet Columbro, Athletic Director

120 W. Wissahickon Ave. Flourtown, PA 19031