Art Show 2020


Since school started in the fall, Mount students have been working hard creating original works of art. Art making is unique in that the path to create something always starts with nothing, Students have to create that first mark or shape with clay and then there are endless choices each artist makes until she completes her piece. These decisions are full of critical thinking, experimentation and trial and error. And sometimes after hours of investment, an artist has to start over.

We are so proud of the work these ladies have invested in their creative growth. Their innovation and passion shine in the work gathered here. And although this isn’t how we had hoped to celebrate them, we are thrilled to share their work with the Mount community and beyond.

We’d like to thank our students for persevering both in class and now at home. You all have been a joy to work with! We would also like to thank Mrs. Toth, who made this virtual exhibit possible. She has dedicated hours to creating and installing these works so that they can be enjoyed by all and we are very grateful for all her assistance!