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Fine Arts Scholarships

Service through...


The philosophy of the Mount St. Joseph Academy Service Through Music Scholarship Program is centered on the recognition and development of superior musical ability through performance.

Scholarships are offered in Voice, Instrumental, and Piano. In addition to their performance responsibilities, music scholars are expected to take Honors Music Theory and are encouraged to take AP Music Theory. Scholars may also enroll in the Music History and American Musical Theater courses.

It is expected that music scholars will participate fully in all music activities for which they are qualified. Music Scholars are evaluated by the music faculty each year.


The Art scholarship recipient must elect art as a major and complete at least seven Mount art courses offered within the department over the course of four years.

Each scholarship recipient is expected to take the equivalency of one full credit of Mount art classes each school year. Additional courses may be taken as a junior and senior outside of school at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts to further personal advancement and provide a student with the opportunity to refine and strengthen artistic skills.

As an Art Scholarship recipient, student involvement within the department should also include participation in the extracurricular activities offered, such as museum visits, set designs, Art Club, or Digital Photography Club. The Fine Arts Department faculty will evaluate the Art Scholarship recipient each year.

Fine Arts Scholars