The following Theater/Communications/Film classes are offered:

  • Theater Performance: Fundamentals of Acting
  • The Play
  • Communications/ Speech I
  • Communications/ Speech II
  • Honors Film Appreciation Classic Films and their Historical, Social and Cultural Context
  • Film Appreciation I: Great Directors & Genre
  • Film Appreciation II: War & Genre
  • Film Appreciation III: Romantic Comedy
  • Film Appreciation IV: Women in Film

Enrichment Opportunities

Fall Musical

Each November, the Mount produces a fully-staged musical production. Auditions are held in May for the following year’s production.

More information on our musicals can be found here.


The Mount’s drama club is open to all students dedicated to the theater. Members have the opportunity to act on stage, to participate in the construction of costumes and sets and to promote productions. A full-length drama or comedy is produced every spring. Attending professional theater productions in the Philadelphia area is encouraged. Acadram is active throughout the entire school year and meetings are scheduled every Thursday.

Film Club

The Mount’s film club is open to all those who love movies. Classic movies are featured at our meetings, but all suggestions by members are welcome. Students share their love of film or particular directors and discuss the elements of film, such as screenwriting, cinematography, acting, editing, and costumes. Meetings are held on all Tuesday shortened-schedule days.