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Chairman's Chat with Jeffrey Kohler, Chair of the MSJA Board of Directors

Chairman's Chat with Jeffrey Kohler, Chair of the MSJA Board of Directors

Chairman's Chat

By Jeffrey Kohler, Chair of the MSJA Board of Directors

Holiday Greetings, Mount Community: 

We often refer to Mission of the Mount which we know is foundationally dedicated to empowering our young women to realize their fullest potential. We are educating “founders,” enabling these young women to be strong and confident leaders in all they desire and pursue. I do not know of another institution whose mission statement so boldly asserts, “On the education of women largely depends the future of society.”


Think about that quotation for a moment…in our own ways, each of us has taken on the responsibility to educate and shape Mount Alumnae who will have the abilities to influence lives and to effect positive change and good. We have seen so many success stories over the years. This legacy is sustained because our “North Star” continues to be the MSJA Mission.  

The Sisters of Saint Joseph (SSJs) find the needs of the day and address them—whether it was education in 1858 or the newest Ministry founded in 2007 to serve immigrants and others who are marginalized. They now have 12 Sponsored Ministries in the region in the categories of Education, Outreach, Healthcare, Spirituality and Housing. In each of these Ministries, the SSJs are committed to loving and serving the Dear Neighbor, without distinction. What this basically means is that they see as God sees, and they love as God loves.

The SSJ Mission inspires and fuels the education at Mount Saint Joseph Academy. There is a sincere dedication and devotion to helping others—the Dear Neighbor. For this, our young women and daughters become stronger individuals and leaders.

Our Board of Directors is committed to the Mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Further, we are committed to the Mission of the Mount. And within this mission, it is our goal to support and guide strong women leaders who appreciate the importance of empathy and compassion and advocate for justice, equity and unity.  

In this Christmas season, the opportunity to be a Dear Neighbor can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Just ask one of our Mounties. They will affirm this.  

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Joyous Holiday Season,

Jeff Kohler, P '04, '05, '08, '12

Chair, MSJA Board of Directors