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Congratulations Violet Binczewski '26 on Recent Book Release!

Congratulations Violet Binczewski '26 on Recent Book Release!

We are thrilled to share that our own Violet Binczewski '26 is officially a published author! Violet recently published a book of poetry titled "The Ocean and Her Shadows," which narrates the story of a teenage breakup using the ocean as a metaphor to convey emotional highs and lows. Violet credits her supportive teachers and community at the Mount for aiding in her growth as a writer and encouraging her passion for writing. 

"Seeing a young woman embrace her passion is so rewarding; Violet exhibits such a creative spirit, and I am so glad to watch it blossom. I am sure her beautiful poetry book is only the beginning." -Mrs. Kate King, English Teacher at Mount Saint Joseph Academy.


I am Violet Binczewski

And I am a Sophomore here at the Mount

Class of 2026

The Book is called The Ocean and Her Shadows

I wrote under the "pen name"

Violet Dawn 

It came out January

On January 25th

It's a poetry book 

All about

The aftermath of a teenage breakup

And it uses a lot of ocean metaphors

And the beach as a setting to kind of aid that story

The Mount has really sharpened my writing toolbox

I'm always learning something new in English class

Wether it be

A reading style, poetry, but overall writing

I love coming to English class here

Because I feel like I'm learning something new

And expanding my abilities as a writer every single time

And the teachers here are absolutely incredible

I remember I first told Mrs. Crowe

Because that was the first class I had

The day i found out by book was getting published 

And the whole class was so supportive

Mrs. Crowe was so supportive

Same thing with Mrs. King

Mrs. King has been 

Absolutely incredible

She is always sending me little

Poetry contests that she finds 

And she still does to this day

And I think the teachers 

Just make me want to be a better writer

Because they support me so much



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