Freshmen Retreat: Foundations

Freshmen Retreat focuses on the three foundational pillars of the Mount: Service to the Dear Neighbor, Unity and Reconciliation, and the History of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia.

Sophomore Retreat: Circle the City

Sophomore retreat focuses on Service to the Dear Neighbor. Typically, students spend a day engaging in service projects in and around the Philadelphia area.

Junior Retreat: Unity and Reconciliation

Junior retreat focuses on Unity and Reconciliation. Typically students attend this retreat near the date of their Ring Liturgy as one class.

Senior Retreat: UNITAS

Senior retreat focuses on Unity and Reconciliation between God, self and others. Typically, students attend a three day version of this retreat off-site. Students will participate in both large group and small group activities and focus on creating and maintaining unity among peers, friends, family members, God, others and self as well as creating an atmosphere of reconciliation as informed by the Sisters of St. Joseph.

JTR (Junior Training Retreat)

This retreat is a three day long retreat for Junior students who have applied and been chosen to be a Senior student retreat leader. These students participate in a similarly modeled retreat to UNITAS. These students are led by current Senior student leaders and will act as the student leaders on all the aforementioned retreats.