Dining Services

CulinArt is the contracted cafeteria provider for Mount Saint Joseph Academy. CulinArt, serving private and independent schools, provides all dining services.

Culinart offers the option to pre-pay lunches. Please bring in or have your daughter drop off a check made out to CulinArt with the applicable student ID number written in the memo field on the check. The student will then be able to start using her account immediately. To sign up with a credit card, visit All you need is the student number to get started.

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Menu 10/18- 10/22 >>

A message from Chef Alison Raines about featured October menu offerings: "Attached is the cafe menu for next week. As you may have noticed, every month we do special menu items on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Culinart has Tuesdays as "Wicked Wings," you may have seen the sign go up by the grill. BUT! We are going to put our own little Mountie spin on this idea - TERRIFIC TENDERS! Look out for some yummy tender creations made by Miss Deb every Tuesday in October. Wellness Wednesdays this month are going to feature none other than the queen of fall herself, the pumpkin! Pumpkins are packed with Vitamin A, fiber, and support healthy eyes. Plus- it's fall y'all."