There are five Societies at the Mount into which students are selected by teachers and according to scholarship. Read through the list to see what you may be invited to join. (Some societies require dues. Details available from each society moderator.)

National Honor Society (Fontbonne Chapter)

Membership in the National Honor Society is an honor bestowed on a student by the faculty. To be eligible for membership in junior or senior year, a candidate must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.80 or more and no failures in any term. Additionally, students must be of good character, committed to giving service to the Mount community, and show evidence of leadership.

Latin Honor Society (Messores)

Members are selected on the basis of scholarship and interest in the language. All members are expected to participate in the Latin club activities and to help tutor students when needed. The officers of this society will preside at the annual Induction Ceremony and, ex officio, will serve as the officers of Et Cetera.

Societe Honoraire De Francais (French Honor Society)

Members are selected by French teachers on the basis of scholarship and interest in the language. The officers are elected and preside at the Induction Ceremony in the Spring. All members are expected to participate in the annual National French Contest, help tutor students, and participate in activities of the Cercle Fran├žais.

Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish Honor Society)

Spanish teachers select members on the basis of scholarship, enthusiasm and interest. All members must help tutor students as well as organize and participate in Spanish Club activities. The officers are elected by the members and will preside at the annual Induction Ceremony.

Tri-M Music Honor Society (Spanish Honor Society)

The purpose of the club is to foster greater interest in musical performance. Students are selected for the honor of membership on the basis of musicianship, scholarship, character, cooperation, leadership, and service to the school and community. This activity consists of an elected Executive Committee and a General group of members.