Student Leadership Council

Students must nominate themselves and receive endorsement of the administrative and the teaching colleagues. Officers, elected by the entire school community, must have served at least one (1) year on the Student Leadership Council and may not hold an office in another major school activity. Homeroom/Advisory Representatives are elected within each homeroom/advisory.

Student Leadership Council members are young women of courage, conviction, and compassion, who, as agents of transformation, are ready for any good work, embrace the mission of unity and reconciliation, and minister to the “dear neighbor.” As such, they act as liaisons between administrative/teaching colleagues, who generously provide support for the endeavors of the Council, and the student body. Student Leadership Council members “live” the mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph in their sponsorship of and/or participation in key events that encourage service, heighten school spirit, model responsibility, and promote involvement of the student body. Meetings are typically held twice a month on Wednesday.